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What You Will Need

Required equipment for National Ninja Throwing League

If you are serious about your ninja throwing skills, and want to take your throwing to the next level, then you will love our seminars, classes, free throwing and competitions. Here is what you’ll need...

Equipment needed to compete

Throwing weapons:

Throwing Star Shuriken must be between 3”-4” in diameter.
Throwing Star Shuriken cannot have more than 4 points.
Throwing Spikes should be no more than 6.5” in length.

Equipment needed to host an event or competition


Open Division targets boards should be 2” thick 4’x4’ foam with three targets measuring 16” in diameter painted on them. There should be a plywood back for support.

Advanced Division targets should be 4’x4’ pine wood with no foam in front. They should also have three targets measuring 16” in diameter painted on them.

Ninja showing shuriken

How to make a Ninja Throwing Weapon Target

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